Renowned litterateur Sukumar Azhikode was a conscience keeper of sorts in Kerala. Through his writings, he strove to bring Malayalam literature on a par with global standards. He will be remembered as a great orator, an excellent teacher, an incisive critic and a wonderful human being. His autobiographical account in a renowned Malayalam weekly, laced with wit and satire, was well received by readers in the State.

S. Krishnakumar,

New Delhi

As a child, I always wondered who Sukumar Azhikode was. Later, I discovered that he was an epitome of literary excellence, a great orator and cultural leader.

Suhana Sulfikur,


The demise of the award-winning scholar has created a void in culture, literature and politics that will not be easy to fill. His greatness lay in the accuracy, moderation and courtesy in his writings. His Tatvamasi is acclaimed for its lucid and authentic presentation of the Vedic philosophy. His aesthetic language mesmerised the readers.

Sunny Joseph Mala,


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