Different sections of our polity and civil society may have widely differing perceptions of the Ayodhya judgment. Persons like me who have spent the past three to four decades in public service believe, however, that we should not quibble over what the judgment says and what it does not. We should take advantage of the ruling — possibly the best under the circumstances — which has generally been well received all over the country and build bridges between the Hindu and Muslim communities. A first step will be to produce a consensus on the need to construct a mosque alongside the temple to which large sections are committed. This is not dreamy but an absolutely viable proposition. The only need is to carefully bring about public opinion that supports it, without seeming to impose the move on unwary sections of our populace. It is great institutions like The Hindu that can work towards this unique proposition. I am confident that a mosque and even a church alongside a Ram temple will substantially enhance India's image among the comity of nations as a land founded on tolerance.

R.K. Raghavan,

Former Director, CBI,


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