The article “France: attack on the veil is a huge blunder” (Jan. 28) has discussed many justifications advanced by those calling for a ban on the full veil. But it ignores the most important point.

At a time when terror attacks are the order of the day, and when suicide bomb squads are operating incessantly, the full veil can come in the way of taking safety precautions. Since it conceals the identity of an individual and also enjoys religious sanction, it can be exploited by terrorists.

Bh. Prudhvinarayana,


The French parliamentary committee’s recommendation that the full veil be banned in many public places is fair. It only pertains to public places. Can officials keep begging and attending courts to ensure that they can recognise the individuals they are dealing with? The government is answerable to the people, not religious leaders.

K.R. Kiran Kumar,


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