The article “Religion is just an excuse” by Sameera Ahmad (Open Page, March 3) came as a surprise. Of course everyone has the right to follow what he believes is correct. But when one starts practising Islam, he is branded a fundamentalist, extremist, terrorist and what not. A vast majority of Muslims across the world want to live in peace like any other community. The article should have condemned terrorism in general.

A. Mohamed Aslam,


Religion is indeed just an excuse for its so-called “protectors.” However, fundamentalism is not just an Islamic phenomenon. It is present in all religions, including Hinduism. And because of the microscopic minority in all religions, the common people and the religions suffer.

Dhananjay Kulkarni,


People are influenced by movies. Vishwaroopam is pro-American. The movie initially claimed to be based on true story. But nothing seems to be true in the story. Movies are no longer just movies. An actor of good repute should not portray something wrong. Movie should not be just an excuse.

Raja Mohammed,



Religion is just an excuseMarch 2, 2013

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