Rahul Gandhi’s outburst against the ordinance seeking to nullify the Supreme Court verdict on convicted politicians — that it is “complete nonsense” which should be torn up and thrown away — is a gimmick orchestrated to win people’s confidence in the wake of national outrage against the ordinance. One doubts the genuineness of his rebellion since the Congress vice-president is too big a person to be kept out of deliberations on such an important issue. His utterances in the press conference and the manner in which the Congress manoeuvred a u-turn looked like scenes from a reality television show. Our democracy may not be vibrant but it is amusing and spicy.

Ginny Gold, New Delhi

Old-timers like me may recall that Rahul Gandhi’s great grandfather, Jawaharlal Nehru, resorted to the use of the very same word — “nonsense” — when people got on his nerves.

I.S. Kanthimathinathan, Tirunelveli

Rahul’s angry outburst reminds me of a similar utterance by Jawaharlal Nehru some 50 years ago. It was the time the DMK was pursuing the ideology of Dravida Nadu comprising all four southern States. When Nehru was asked about it, he angrily retorted “nonsense.”

Shanthi Vadhiraj, Bangalore

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