Afzal Guru’s letter to his family (Feb. 18) justifies his execution. He believes his actions were right. It is time we stopped discussing about an extremist. We should focus on the families of the police personnel who died defending our Parliament. In other words, let us focus on the victims of terror, not perpetrators.

Vijay Shivram Menon,


We must not forget that Afzal was convicted by the highest court. He was an accomplice in the Parliament attack, causing misery to the families of the security personnel who died protecting the symbol of our democracy. Rather than publishing the contents of the letter written by Afzal Guru, The Hindu could have published an article on the sufferings caused to the families of the real martyrs. What message do we want to convey to the young Indians who want to join the armed forces?

Ajay Shankar Pandey,


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