It is most astonishing that Indian shuttler P. Kashyap (“Asthmatic Kashyap skipped medicines during CWG”, Sports Page, Oct. 20) had taken the risk of skipping the routine and compulsory drugs for his disease of asthma due to the stringent code of the World Anti-Doping Agency. If he won a medal, a bronze in this case, it was due to his faith, dedication, determination and the support of his parents and well-wishers. Though the report has come a bit late, it is a human interest story. The WADA should have considered his case sympathetically. What if he had developed life-threatening complications during a game? Perhaps, the National Human Rights Commission should have guided the WADA/other authorities to look at such instances with a human touch without violating the stringent code of of drug misuse.

J.P. Reddy,


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