The gang-rape of a 23-year-old young woman — now fighting for her life — in a moving bus is a shame on Delhi and India. Crime against women has been on the rise in the capital. The government surely needs to make an example of the rapists by giving them exemplary punishment.

Sahil Syal,

Yamuna Nagar

Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit’s statement that she will “expedite the case” is not enough to protect women. Rather than punish a culprit after a crime, it is necessary to curb the cause of crime against women. We have enough laws but, unfortunately, they are not effective.

Harishankar Nath Dewangan,

New Delhi

It is a real shock. The best we can hope for at this moment is that the paramedical student should survive. One shudders to think of the psychological trauma she will undergo for the rest of her life.

Anandh Chinnam,

New Delhi

That such a barbaric act was committed without any fear of consequences is cause for serious concern. Severe punishment should be meted out to the culprits. It will not undo the damage but it will instil fear in those who think they can get away with committing a heinous crime.

Mohita Soni,


Rape not only shatters the confidence of the victim but also makes her mentally fragile. Society should be more sensitive to the victim and help her overcome her mental agony.

Amit Anurag,


The heinous crime has nothing to do with the administration of the Congress or the BJP. It is about the inexact, flexible system of governance and lack of protection to women in India. The guilty should be given capital punishment. The trial should be expedited. A prolonged trial will only help the accused find loopholes in the law.

Hemanth Sreekumar,


It is yet another shameful incident which has angered people across the country. Those who come to the rescue of the victims are assaulted, even killed, by the criminals. This is a big challenge to the government.

The reasons for the barbaric behaviour of those who perpetrated the crime are many, the two prominent reasons being erosion of moral values and the lack of fear of the law.

A.S. Balanathan,


One cannot ignore the influence of modern Hindi films, most of which further the idea of women being objects of violence, lust and contempt. Unfortunately, the mainstream media is also complicit in such portrayals. When women are depicted in this manner in the mass media and popular entertainment, it makes it almost impossible for the average Indian male — brought up in a patriarchal society — to perceive women as anything other than fair game.

Arnab Basak,

New Delhi

We should overcome our resilience to such crimes. We can’t wait until someone dear to us becomes a victim. May god give the young victim strength to face our society, which is sure to add fuel to the fire by saying: “What was the need for her to go out at night?”

Aditya Pancholi,


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