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It is not litigants who've gone to court seeking the rehabilitation of civilians or ‘civil society activists’ but the Maoists and the state who must answer for the deaths of innocents in Chhattisgarh. »
After Thimphu, trust building key to emerging dialogue template »
The meeting in Bhutan between the two Prime Ministers has opened a path, but India and Pakistan are not out of the woods yet. »
In his statement to Parliament on Monday denying allegations that the National Technical Research Organisation had conducted unauthorised phone taps, Home Minister P. Chidambaram said the NT... »
If India really believes dialogue is the way forward, it should not allow a disagreement over form or nomenclature to come in the way. »
With the SAARC summit only a week away, and India and Pakistan still unable to agree on talks about talks, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s meeting with his Pakistani counterpart on the... »
The petit-bourgeois mind is superficial and fickle. It is awe struck by the accumulation and consumption that go on in the highest echelons of society, even if outside the borderlines of leg... »
As the United States and its western allies press ahead with efforts to impose tough penalties on Iran, leaders and officials from two major international groupings -- BRIC and IBSA -- meeting in B... »
Speaking to reporters at the end of an eight-day tour that saw him visit Washington and Brasilia for three major international summits, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said the current global... »
In international politics, there is no room for the Groucho Marx theory of association -- 'I won't join a club that will admit me as a member'. Instead, show a large or even mid-sized nation... »
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