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The power of sane voices that get silenced in a war has a unique quality. It keeps coming back to remind us of what to do and what to avoid. One of the sage voices I encountered in my journalism wa... »
One of the key features of this column is that it closely monitors the larger regulatory framework that guides the ethical functioning of the media. The Leveson Inquiry in the United Kingdom was se... »
The deadly crash of three civilian aircraft — Mala... »
It is heartening to note the approval for my last column, “An Indian global voice,” from the vast readership of this newspaper. The encouraging mails were not restricted to readers but also to som... »
I have always gained some new insights in my interactions with the renowned media scholar, Prof. Robin Jeffrey. His work on the Indian media is immense. He has authored three important books on the... »
I was touched and humbled by the responses to my last column, “Maintaini... »
There are two strident critics of the Office of the Readers’ Editor — Devraj Sambasivan from Alappuzha, Kerala, and Felix Moses from Chennai. Mr. Sambasivan after reading my last column, “Free med... »
Any modern society strives to fulfil its own mandate and uses remembrance, memory and commemoration as an effective checklist. Last week marked two important milestones for freedom of expression an... »
There is a sense of anti-climax when one is forced to re-explore and re-examine a topic over a considerably long span of time. I looked at the importance of headlines in my column, “»
An e-mail from Myanmar last week forced me to reread one of the powerful essays by Edward Said, “Reflections on Exile.” Said poignantly describes the state of being in exile: “Exile is strangely co... »
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