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This column, at one level, has been an exploration about the media, on media law, regulation, freedom of expression, the right to information, the right to be heard, and the democratic dividends t... »
In the last three columns, we looked at the available literature on media regulation, the limitations of some of the recommendations, the desire to have a soft touch approach that will not undermin... »
The legal provisions for the freedom of the press are clear. Freedom of the press is not recognised as a fundamental right but is folded into the freedom of speech and expression. When it comes to... »
Since the days of Robert Burns in the 18th century, best laid schemes of mice and men have often gone awry. There is a minor interruption to the series on media regulation that we have been carryi... »
Between 2002 and 2006, Jean Tirole and Jean-Charles Rochet explored the platform markets in depth. Their work covered a range of industries that have platform markets — portals and media, credit ca... »
The news media sector, as an industry, has an unenviable record of squandering opportunities to put in place a regulatory framework that simultaneously guards the freedom of expression and ensures... »
Repetition is an aesthetic device in music and poetry. But, it becomes untidy and jarring in journalism where space is premium. I have written a couple of columns and a number of clarifications on... »
Steve Coll, dean of the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University and former Managing Editor of The Washington Post, is an inspiring journalism teacher. He is, in a sense, the in... »
The year 2009 was a defining 12 months for Indian journalism in more than one sense. While the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) returned to power with an increased majority, it started to lose it... »
One of the biggest incentives of being a Readers’ Editor (RE) is the chance it affords me to think about the process of news making in its entirety, on a regular basis. As a reporter and later as a... »
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