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Probably the first thing that many people attempt to do when they get married is to either make sure that their partners don't dominate them or, as a pre-emptive measure, try and establish their do... »
Grumbling now and then may be good for us, but prolonged bouts are an expression of helplessness, of falling prey to the victim trap… »
You think your heart is behind romantic love? Think again… »
People in our society still find it difficult to accept that marriage happens between two people, not two families. »
The doctor-patient relationship is changing. We need to rework our notions of Medical Ethics accordingly… »
As patients take more control of the healing process, the patient-doctor relationship needs to be reworked on slightly different ground rules… »
Food junkies, Internet junkies, shopping junkies…what is it that makes people go on an extended binge? »
Friendships play a crucial role in our lives today. Some sound advice on how to keep them well configured… »
Why are we obsessed with morals and sexuality while turning a blind eye to so many other things that are wrong in society? »
While infidelity has always existed, if in varying degrees of discretion, pre-marital infidelity is a recent phenomenon… »
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