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As change sweeps through the Arab world and dictatorships are toppled, will women's rights be forgotten as it happened in Iran? »
Domestic workers are not servants, they have a right to fair wages and working conditions… »
Violence against women, both inside homes and in the public space, needs to be treated with the seriousness it deserves… »
Why is it that our national carrier continues to have separate rules for men and women who work as flight attendants? »
For thousands of ‘half widows' and families in Kashmir whose members have gone missing, the SIT report confirming the presence of mass unidentified graves may finally bring some kind of closure… »
While the farcical drama around Anna Hazare's protest and arrest has hogged the limelight, Irom Sharmila's indefinite fast since 2000 to get the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) repealed continues to be ignored by the nation and the media… »
Both in urban and rural areas, women not only have fewer assets than men but have almost no say in decisions concerning them… »
As the declining sex ratio from Census 2011 shows, merely having laws against sex selective abortion is not enough. Fighting entrenched social attitudes is a much tougher call… »
The Strauss-Kahn case illustrates once again the serious obstacles that women around the world face in getting justice. »
The Emergency, declared 36 years ago this day, impacted the poor in more sinister ways than any other section of society… »
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