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Both in urban and rural areas, women not only have fewer assets than men but have almost no say in decisions concerning them… »
As the declining sex ratio from Census 2011 shows, merely having laws against sex selective abortion is not enough. Fighting entrenched social attitudes is a much tougher call… »
The Strauss-Kahn case illustrates once again the serious obstacles that women around the world face in getting justice. »
The Emergency, declared 36 years ago this day, impacted the poor in more sinister ways than any other section of society… »
In rural India, where medical facilities are few and health insurance non-existent, marginalised groups like tribals are especially vulnerable to clinical trials. »
How the global garment industry is using regressive customs in Tamil Nadu, enabling it to exploit young women workers… »
Sportswomen have not only to get past traditional prejudices but also have to overcome commercial pressures to make themselves more attractive and marketable… »
To be a woman, and to be different or disabled is to carry a heavier baggage of discrimination and violence. Yet, there are inspiring role models… »
Does economic development only reinforce regressive values? How else can one explain the phenomenon of disappearing girls in modern India? »
With the burden of domestic work on their shoulders, women spend more time doing unpaid work than men around the world… »
Pages: «  ‹  10    ›  »