News article said Barbados-based firm was given free stake in a gas exploration project

Proceedings in both Houses of Parliament were disrupted on Tuesday after Congress MPs raised allegations of irregularities in a gas deal on the part of the Gujarat government.

The details of the deal were reported in a news magazine.

MPs from Treasury Benches waved copies of the magazine soon after Question Hour and raised slogans against Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

According to the article, titled “Sweet deals are made of gas”, a “dubious” company registered in Barbados has been making a windfall of Rs. 20,000 crore at the cost of Gujarat tax-payers as a result of an agreement inked with the State government.

In the Lok Sabha, as Bharatiya Janata Party members rose to their feet to retort, party leaders dissuaded them from any action.


The House was subsequently adjourned for 20 minutes.

In the Rajya Sabha, Congress MPs waved posters after the House reassembled following an adjournment during Question Hour. The Chair said displaying posters was against rules. The House was then adjourned for the second time.

The article alleges that the Barbados-based company did not pay anything for the 10 per cent stake it was given by the Gujarat government in a gas exploration project.

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