Appointments to nearly 50 posts, both of senior officials and those in offices and authorities attached to various Ministries, are stuck as Prime Minister Narendra Modi has returned the files to the Ministers. The appointments are for the ranks of Joint Secretaries and above.

Some of these appointments were approved by then Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh during the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) rule, but had not been notified. However, a bulk of them have been kept pending for the new government’s approval.

All other procedures had been completed, and approvals from the Civil Services Board too were in place. Only the approval of the Cabinet Appointments Committee is pending.

“Now the appointments that the new Ministers do approve will have to be put through the entire process of being resent to the committee for approvals all over again,” a high-level source told The Hindu. “Those appointments that the new Ministers do not approve will go back to square one and the entire selection process will have to be restarted from scratch.”

The source explained that some of these appointments are routine while others are of officials waiting for postings after the end of their tenure.

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