The family of Agni surface-to-surface ballistic missiles forms the mainstay of India's strategic defence capability to meet various threats.

The first in the series was Agni-II with a range of 2,500 km, followed by Agni-1 (700 km), Agni-III (3,000 km), Agni-IV (3,500 km) and Agni-V (5,000 km) now.

Agni-1, which is Pakistan-specific, was built in a record 18 months after the Kargil conflict. Agni-1, Agni-II and Agni-III have been inducted into the Army.

Agni-1 is a single-stage missile, which is 15-metre tall and weighs 12 tonnes. Agni-II is a two-stage missile, 20-metre-long and weighs 17 tonnes. Agni-III is also a two-stage missile, which is 17 metres long and weighs 50 tonnes. All Agni missiles are propelled by solid fuel and can carry nuclear warheads.

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