Once a backward district with poor amenities and medicare remaining a distant dream, Karimnagar has now emerged as a destination for childless couples in view of the surrogate mother facilities being offered here.

Mainly due to what is being stated as a low-cost medical treatment, many childless couples are flocking the fertility centres in the town. Private doctors say childless couples from Andhra Pradesh, Sholapur and Bhiwandi of Maharashtra, Odisha, Telugu speaking NRIs of USA and Australia were choosing the town as a best place for surrogacy.

Women from poor economic background were found to be ready to rent their wombs. Their job is made easier by agents who constantly scout the region and convince them to become surrogate mothers. Of late, even the barren couples were found to be issuing advertisements in local media inviting healthy women to become surrogate mothes for their to-be-born children.

A married woman and mother of a child, hailing from Kakinada, who is preparing deliver the baby in another three months, says: “I opted to rent my womb for a childless couple as they promised Rs 2.5 lakh and Rs 5,000 per month for living in Karimnagar town. I would clear my family debts with the amount”.

Dr. Padmaja of Padmaja Fertility Centre said that the barren couples were getting the surrogate mothers on their own by issuing advertisements and through agents. Of late, aged couples, who lost their dear ones in the accidents, were also approaching us for surrogacy.

“The surrogate mother would be asked to stay in the hospital for at least five days initially and later she has to visit hospital for regulation tests and medication”, she said.

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