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Updated: October 19, 2011 01:12 IST

Team Anna in crisis as 2 quit panel

    Gargi Parsai
    Amruta Byatnal
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Social activist Anna Hazare along with his supporters during his fast over the Lokpal Bill, in New Delhi, on August 24. Photo : Rajeev Bhatt
Social activist Anna Hazare along with his supporters during his fast over the Lokpal Bill, in New Delhi, on August 24. Photo : Rajeev Bhatt

A day after Team Anna rejoiced over the defeat of the Congress in Hisar by-poll, it seems to be heading towards a crisis with two members of the core committee having resigned in protest against the team getting into “party politics'' and Anna Hazare's veiled criticism of colleague Prashant Bhushan in a fresh entry on the Kashmir plebiscite issue on his blog.

Core committee member P.V. Rajagopal of Ekta Parishad announced he was quitting, in writing, on the plea that he was pre-occupied with conducting tribal yatras in 350 districts on the land acquisition issue. Another member, ‘Waterman' Rajinder Singh from Rajasthan conveyed his decision to dissociate himself from the core committee to Arvind Kejriwal on telephone.

“This matter was not discussed in the core committee. I feel the team should have waited till after the winter session of Parliament when the Lokpal Bill is to be introduced, instead of mortgaging the movement to a single seat in Hisar,'' Mr. Singh told The Hindu. The core committee comprises 25 well-known members of the civil society

On the other hand, even while maintaining a vow of silence Mr. Hazare continues to remain active on his blog. In what is seen as his criticism of Mr. Bhushan's opinion to hold a plebiscite in Kashmir, Mr. Hazare noted the State was an integral part of India, and that “some people” talk incoherent things, and do nothing for the ground reality in Kashmir.

“Some people talk incoherent things about Kashmir-related issues but they are unaware of the fact that when I was in the Army I had taken active part in the India-Pakistan war as a soldier…This is my active conviction that Kashmir is an integral part of India and will remain so. Today once again if I have to, am ready to take part in war against Pakistan,'' he wrote on his blog.

Earlier, ruling out the possibility of Mr. Bhushan being asked to quit the team, Mr. Hazare and Mr. Kejriwal had maintained that Mr. Bhushan's opinion was his own. The lawyer is presently out of the country.

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Anna's success is Peoples' success. It is not depending on any individuals who are around him just for name. Anna is fighting for a corruption free India for the people of India and not for him or his family members. Responsible media should support Anna instead of finding wrong anything and everything.

from:  KCS Kutty
Posted on: Oct 19, 2011 at 22:29 IST

First of all you should not give support to any party. You should say that all political parties are equal for us. You should concentrate on the candidates who are contesting in the elections of any form and any where. You should work together with Election Commission and should bring awareness in the (International) public stating that 'People must vote and should elect a candiate who is not having any criminal and corruption back ground.And the candidate character,attitude,dedication,devotion,habits and integrity should be observed and tested and then poeple should vote to the right candidate'. This is what you need to bring awareness in the public. You should not be against politicians. You should be against the Bad practices followed in the politics which affects total universe. This what ANNA HAZAARE and you people need to do. This is democracy and elections are inevitable for ever and ever. You should indirectly and directly along with Election Commission fight with Bad Politics.

from:  Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi
Posted on: Oct 19, 2011 at 17:39 IST

Apparently, the pro-corruption forces have found a small success with
the divide & rule (bhEda) technique (the 3rd of the traditional four:
saama, daana, bhEda, danDa) against India Against Corruption / Team
Anna. But, I believe it doesn't dent the anti-corruption movement any
way because fighting corruption is people's will and there will be no
dearth of leadership for a people's movement.

To be part of a team fighting against corruption and for democratic
reforms doesn't require an identical opinion on everything from
politics to religion to sports. The anti-corruption movement should be
a "big tent" with the only eligibility criteria being sincerity in
fighting corruption. Secondly, strategies to achieve the objective
will be fine-tuned and will evolve. Campaigning against Congress is a
valid means of pressuring the main party of a government that has
shown no sincerity in creating strong anti-corruption legislation.
But, if causes dissension, it can be fine-tuned.

from:  K Palaka
Posted on: Oct 19, 2011 at 16:35 IST

The team is known because of Anna. They may come and they may go but Anna goes on for ever. Like Arjuna of Mahabharata, Anna has aimed at the Jan Lokpal Bill and is trying to achieve this aim following the teachings of Lord Krishna. Some of his team members may or may not agree with him on the Hissar issue but his arms twisting has created shivers in the Congress party and the common man is happy. The people of this country have pinned their hopes on Anna to cleanse this corrupt system which has been plagued by our politicians. If you want to talk to a bird, you must know his language. The Congress party has been challenging Team Anna to fight them out in elections and I feel Anna has accepted their challenge and what has been achieved in Hissar is an eye opener for Congress. Keep it up Anna!

from:  S L Gera
Posted on: Oct 19, 2011 at 15:19 IST

"Today once again if I have to, am ready to take part in war against Pakistan," Does this betray Gandhian idea? (my biggest problem has been about the use of the huge photograph of M.K. Gandhi as the backdrop of Anna's fasting spot..i just don;t get it..why that choice). And of course, it seems to be everything about you Mr. Hazare. Really least for the sake of a facade Mr. Hazare could have taken it easy! (why destroy your own movement?).
Mr. Hazare, like you, most people of India are smart to understand motives (ulterior and exterior and their integrations being the most important). We are not looking for the next stop acting like one. Assume yourself and then present yourself..may be we might see something. And it is Ok if it is not you...we are 1.2 billion strong and we are all capable...! Thanks for your efforts though. And fasting is a great way to humanize oneself. Decreasing consumption is a great way to contribute and for that we thank millions!

from:  asad
Posted on: Oct 19, 2011 at 15:09 IST

Two members dont make the Team Anna bandwagon. The people of India are with the team Anna and not the two members who fear to ruffle the feathers of SCAM Congress they must be having a vested interest Team Anna targeted the congress because they were ruling Party and not with any other motive like the two members who had other interests THe people of India are with TEAM ANNA and there is no crises as you say.

from:  Mayan Digvijay
Posted on: Oct 19, 2011 at 13:09 IST

Anna Hazare and his team are fighting corruption. If some members of the team have some political opinion which harms their anti-corruption agenda, then it may be detremental to their cause. In the case of Prashant Bushan's remarks on Kashmir, one cannot see how these can derail the fight against corruption. The Indian media is used to the total subservience of the Congressmen to the "High Command" to the point of their having no opinion of their own other than what is mandated by the "High Command". The thesis of Gargi Parsai and Amruta Byatnal above is therefore not surprising. Even if 2 out of 20 members of the core committee walk out, how will it be a crisis for the Anna Hazare mission? It is sad that the Indian journalists are talking only in the language of the Congress and not in their mother tongue which is the language of nonpartisanship.

from:  K.Vijayakumar
Posted on: Oct 19, 2011 at 09:54 IST

Let there be only a clean person with open heart remain with team Anna. All unwanted and demotivated persons should either leave the of its own or be thrown by the team.

from:  SS Prasad Yadav
Posted on: Oct 19, 2011 at 09:34 IST

Not a surprise; congress works that way; it has been their old practice. But, I am confident, Anna Hazare can take the movement to its logical end because he has the support of the public in full.

from:  Suryanarayana T
Posted on: Oct 19, 2011 at 08:32 IST

Team Anna can not be in crisis because it is standing on public support. If a few members like Agnivesh or Prashant Bhusan or Singh desert, it is good for the movement as they were not patriots but wanted to make name of themselves. Now that the movement is getting tougher, they leave.

from:  Jiwan
Posted on: Oct 19, 2011 at 08:15 IST
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