Federation for Sustainable Development has urged the State Chief Electoral Officer to remove the names of those found guilty and convicted for bribing voters in 2011 Assembly elections from the electoral rolls.

Coordinator for the Federation, Kongu M. Loganathan on Monday presented a memorandum to the Chief Electoral Officer Praveen Kumar along with a detailed list of cases registered during the 2011 elections to the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly.

During the 2011 elections to Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly close to 280 cases were registered across the State wherein the accused were booked under sections 171 E, 171F, 171 B and 171 G of the Indian Penal Code.

Any body found guilty of corrupt practices in the election process is to be removed from the electoral rolls for a period of six years from the date of conviction by a court.

This is prescribed under section 8 and 11 A and under sections 125, 135 or clause (a) of subsection (2) of Section 136 of the Representation of Peoples Act of 1951.

Across the State, police had registered closer to 280 cases involving more than 310 accused and were booked under the provisions of Indian Penal Code and Representation of the Peoples Act.

Of the 280 cases, 127 had ended in conviction, 132 are pending trial, 12 are under investigation, two ended in acquittal and four cases have not been taken on file by the courts.

In two cases, the accused are not known.