The Legislative Assembly Secretariat in Puducherry has set in motion the process to elect the Assembly Speaker on Wednesday around 9.30 a.m. The Secretariat has notified the date on Sunday and letters were sent to all 29 Members of the Assembly, sources in the Secretariat told The Hindu.

Earlier in the day, Chief Minister N. Rangasamy said that the government had communicated its decision to conduct the elections. Talking to reporters after calling on Lieutenant Governor Iqbal Singh, second meeting in the week, he said till Tuesday noon members could file their nominations.

When asked who he proposes as the candidate for Speaker post, he said “it will be known when the nominations are filed.” However the candidate would be from the ruling party, he added. On the demand made by Congress and AIADMK urging him to prove majority, he said the stability of his government would be known at the time of Speaker's election.

Allocation of portfolios to the four Ministers appointed on June 8 would be done immediately after the election, he said. He denied giving the list of names for the nominated MLAs post to the Lieutenant Governor.