‘Around 30 lakh people spread over Coimbatore, Tirupur and Erode districts suffer without adequate water’

The members of the Athikadavu-Avinashi Nilathadineer Serivootum Thitta Porattakuzhu recently petitioned Member of Parliament, the Nilgris, A. Raja seeking his support to the irrigation-cum-drinking water supply scheme.

The Porattakuzhu is a struggle committee comprising farmers, representatives of political parties and members of the public demanding early implementation of the scheme.

G.K. Nagaraj, coordinator of the struggle committee, and other representatives told Mr. Raja that around 30 lakh people spread over Coimbatore, Tirupur and Erode districts suffered without adequate water.

In the last three months, because of severe drought, coconut and palm trees in the region had wilted.

Given the scenario, people from rural areas had started migrating towards urban centres in search of jobs.

They also said that farmers were deep in debt as they were forced to borrow money to dig borewells to access ground water.

All this would come to an end if only the State and Central Governments worked together to make the scheme a reality.

Mr. Nagaraj quoting Mr. Raja said that the MP was responsive to their needs and had promised action but he also wanted the State Cabinet to pass a resolution and publish the same in the gazette for the Central Government to take it up for financial allocation.