Putting up cut-outs, flex-boards and banners, an integral part of the political and commercial culture in Tamil Nadu, has become more difficult, with government issuing new guidelines to regulate them.

As per the new rules, banners will be allowed to be installed only for six days in a particular area.

The fee for installing flex-boards in corporation limits has been fixed at Rs 200, Rs 100 in Municipal areas, and Rs 50 for town panchayat limits, a notification by Karuthiah Pandian, Principal Secretary, Municipal Administration and Water supply.

Those intending to put up posters should get No Objection Certificate from owners if installed on private land and also from an official not below the rank of Assistant Executive Engineer or Assistant Divisional Engineer.

Applications for banners would also be scrutinised by the District Collector who would grant permission only if they were within specific rules, it said.

Banners would not be permitted on narrow roads of less than 10 feet width, while it would be permitted on one side if the width was between 10 and 14 feet. On wide roads, banners can be put up on both sides.

The notification said banners would not be permitted in places of worship, hospitals and memorials. However commercial advertisement banners would be permitted, it said.

A provision has also been made for appeal in case the Collector does not grant permission and Rs 500 would have to be remitted as fees for the appeal, it said.