MIOT Hospitals has reinforced its training programme for young orthopaedic surgeons in advanced hip replacement procedures.

Internationally renowned expert in modular hip replacement procedure S-ROM, Luca Marega, will lend his expertise to the ongoing training programme at MIOT's Centre of Excellence for Joint Replacements, Prithvi Mohandas, Joint Managing Director, MIOT Hospitals, said at a press conference on Friday.

S-ROM uses titanium prosthesis and is a vast improvement on conventional mono block cemented hip replacement as it addresses angular deformities with higher precision, eliminates need for deep bone cuts and considerably shortens the convalescence period.

Though it costs twice as much as the conventional cement implant, S-ROM is the preferred choice for tackling complex cases of hip replacements such as development dysplasia, a condition of hip deformity that afflicts four out of 1,000 newborns and requires surgical intervention in adulthood.

Ankylosing spondylitis is another common condition that can be effectively addressed with the S-ROM procedures, Dr. Mohandas said.

Two-day course

The MIOT centre has been training batches of four surgeons in S-ROM procedures. The two-day course involves interactive lectures, practising the technique on dry bone and assisting a surgeon in five cases. Trainees passing out of the course are expected to train peers when they return to their institutions.

It is pointed out that S-ROM will complement rather than replace conventional cement prosthesis. It is the superior choice in a young adult whereas a conventional replacement that costs about Rs.30,000 for the prosthesis will better suit a “low-demand” elderly patient, whose mobility needs are circumscribed.

According to Dr. Marega, the S-ROM total hip system has been very successful in the treatment of complex hip surgeries. It is the most widely used modular femoral hip stem system that helps restore high activity levels of the average young adult.

It can also be used for straightforward cases; but that depends on whether you want to use a Ferrari to go neighbourhood shopping, he said.