For the past few days, the streets of Puducherry have come alive with a series of processions that depict the ‘Mayanakollai’ story. On Saturday, all the festivities came to an end with an offering of milk to appease the people who played the role of Kaali.

The festival starts on the night of Shivaratri and during the festival, the ‘Soorasamharam’ of Valaalakandan is depicted, one of the organisers explained.

On the first day, there is a depiction of the tearing of the stomach of the ‘Asuran’ and a woman who wears the guise of ‘Angalamman’ then wears a garland of the intestines of the slain demon. The deity then destroys mud sculptures of various other demons.

Through the week, various Angalamman temples across Puducherry celebrated the Mayanakollai festival.