The animal was released into the wild at Vaandal near Kadamparai

A leopard that was on the prowl, triggering panic among people and mauling dogs closer to plantations in Valparai, got trapped into a cage in the small hours of Tuesday.

Following frequent sightings of the leopard in residential areas around plantations in Vazhaithottam area, the Forest Department had set up a cage at RG Nagar with a prey.

The animal made frequent visits to human habitations and remained elusive all along. Leopards are solitary creatures and mostly hunt in the night.

Since December 2013, it had mauled a number of dogs. The animal finally got trapped on Tuesday.

A team led by forest veterinarian N.S. Manoharan and range officer Krishnasamy tranquilised the leopard and administered the first-aid. The animal was later released into the wild at Vaandal near Kadamparai.