Some more concessions have been announced for agriculturists to raise the long-term samba crop in the Cauvery delta.

In a statement on Tuesday, Chief Minister Jayalalithaa said the subsidy per acre for farm work had been increased from Rs. 240 to Rs. 480. The extent of area would go up from one lakh acres to 2.5 lakh acres.

Thirty kg of certified seeds per acre would be supplied, of which the subsidy would be Rs. 10 per kg. For purchase of seed drills, 50 per cent grant would be available

Referring to her statement last month, the Chief Minister said there had been an overwhelming response from farmers to her original announcement of a comprehensive package of sops. In total the government earmarked Rs. 70.63 crore for the benefit of the delta farmers.

In the last 10 days, farmers had taken steps for raising community nurseries over 2,754 acres. In the next 10 days, the extent would go up by 7,250 acres.

As regards direct sowing, the operations had been completed on 47,000 acres. Besides, farmers had taken up the crop on 3,000 acres too, she added.