People from all walks of life staged a one-day fast on Tuesday at various places across Tamil Nadu in support of Anna Hazare’s demand for a strong Lokpal bill.

In Chennai, over 60 persons gathered near Quaid E Milleth memorial here in support of Hazare’s cause, carrying banners saying ‘Say no to corruption and yes to Jan Lok Pal.”

Many among them belonged to Federation of Anti Corruption Teams India, an NGO against corruption.

A Coimbatore report said that hundreds of activists, including women, from various organisations observed the fast in response to a call given by the local chapter of Anti Corruption Movement, to support Hazare’s cause.

The activists belonging to Hindu Makkal Katchi, Gandhi Makkal Iyakkam, Voice and Hanuman Sena were critical of Delhi police and the Centre for detaining Hazare and arresting his aides Kiran Bedi and Shanti Bhushan, police said.

However, the nearby textile hub of Tirupur did not witness much of an impact, police said.

In Madurai, members of various Hindu organisations, including Tamil Nadu Pengal Meetpu Peravai (Organisation to save women from Problem) staged the fast at Kalayar kovil area.

Speakers said the Lok Pal bill prepared by the government was fake and ineffective and was not a ‘sincere bill’.