Farmers are advised to undertake rainwater harvesting in agriculture lands as it would dilute the fluorosis content in the ground water and would improve the ground water table.

Presiding over the farmers’ grievances meeting, Mr. C.N. Maheshwaran, Collector said that to encourage the farmers for creating RWH facilities, the district administration and the agriculture department had developed a model project in mango orchards near Kaveripattinam town in the district.

The scheme, besides diluting the fluorosis content in the water will also prevent soil erosion and improve the moisture content of the soil.

The administration is planning to take the farmers to the model RWH facility near Kaveripattinam before the next grievances meeting.

In the meantime the proposal would be sending to the government for its approval recommending providing subsidy for the farmers. If the government approves the proposal, farmers would be getting over Rs. 8000 per acre, he added.

Besides these, the district administration also sent a proposal for supplying mango juice in noon meal scheme in different formats, tetra pack, pouch, bottle or supplying in loose condition to the government.

If the proposal was accepted by the government, the 45 and odd mango pulp industries and the mango growing farmers in around Krishnagiri would be benefited, he adds.

He also invited the farmers and business community people to prepare a project to establish cold storage facility for mango at the block level, the proposal may be submitted to the horticulture.

In addition to this, a survey was conducted to utilise the pre-matured mango which fall on the earth to use for pickle making profitably by the district administration, he adds.

A farmer from Sappanipatti brought a mango sapling affected by the pollution from rice mill.

Mr. K.M. Ramagoundar, general secretary, Tamizhaga Vivasayigal Sangam demanded patta to the farmers who had given land for construction of Krishnagiri Reservoir Project.