The coins, each weighing 400 milligrams, have markings in Urdu

Ancient gold coins were unearthed at Kottamalam village near Kadambur block in Sathyamangalam taluk on Sunday.

A villager stumbled upon an earthen pot containing the coins numbering 744 when he was cleaning his piece of land along with wife and two grand daughters near his house. It was said that the people in the village shared the treasure.

On hearing the information, Village Administrative Officer alerted the Sathyamangalam Tahsildar.

Along with a team of police personnel, the revenue officials rushed to the village and took possession of the coins, each weighed around 400 milligrams.

The coins, which had markings in Urdu, had been handed over to District Collector R. Sudalaikannan. The officials said that the coins would be sent to archaeologists in Chennai to ascertain their origin.