The number of electrical accidents in the State was about 900 in 2012-2013, according to S. Appavoo, Chief Electrical Inspector, Tamil Nadu.

Speaking to The Hindu after a meeting of the Electrical Installation Engineers’ Welfare Association here on Saturday he said the fatal and non-fatal accidents were slightly higher than the previous year.

The State had more than 7,500 high-tension consumers (industrial and commercial). Inspectors conducted mandatory inspections once a year. Inspectors would be given instruments in four months to measure power supply, leakages, etc., during inspection.

As regards increasing use of new equipment and gadgets in buildings, Mr. Appavoo said to ensure safety, industries and commercial establishments should engage electrical contractors with licence, electricians and helpers who are certified and also get the approval of the electrical inspectorate for installations.

The use of standardised products and involving contractors would help in bringing down accidents, he said. For instance, in the case of uninterrupted power supply systems, the selection of battery and location of systems in a building are important. When the electrical design is prepared for a building, provisions should be made for future needs. Engaging a contractor with licence would ensure that these safety measures are adopted. When companies add new gadgets in their units, they should report it to the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (Tangedco).

The inspectorate gave safety certificates for generator (above 10 kva) installations and monitored electrical installations in high-tension units and multi-storeyed buildings, Mr. Appavoo said.