The extent of crop loss yet to be assessed, says Collector

The continuous spell of showers for the past one week has inundated over 54,000 hectares of samba fields at the tail-end of the Cauvery delta. The flooding has submerged fields up to 1.5 feet and 2 feet, threatening paddy crops that are at the post-tillering stages of ear-head formation and ear-head initiation.

However, farmers differ from the administration's estimates, putting the extent of inundation at 75,000 hectares. The inundation of fragile crops at ear-head formation and initiation stages would trigger pest invasion, primarily of stem borers and worms, they say.

On Monday, the intermittent rain has enabled slow drainage from fields. Speaking to The Hindu, Collector C.Munianathan said the extent of crop loss was yet to be assessed. There were no major incidents except a reported breach at Kalathidalkarai village in Thirukuvalai, he said. According to Mr.Munianathan, the drainage would be monitored and report on extent of loss would be sent to the government shortly.

Over 34 cattle were killed and over 100 huts destroyed. As of Monday evening, an old man had died at Vedaranyam. The body has been sent for autopsy to determine the cause of death.

The rainfall figures for 24-hour period up to Monday morning 8 a.m. were as follows: Mayiladuthurai 75.20 mm; Tirupoondi 71 mm; Manalmedu 57.80 mm; Vedaranyam 57.01 mm; Talainayar 47.08 mm; Nagapattinam 44.20; Kollidam 38 mm; Tharangambadi 37.60 mm; Sirkazhi 31.50 mm, with a recorded average rainfall of 51.04 mm.


The district got a respite from the rain on Monday with sunshine swathing the town and various parts of the district. But overnight rain and downpour over the past few days have battered the roads. Normal life is slowly coming back to normalcy. Schools and colleges remained closed on Monday.

Karur Municipality officials have urged the people to consumer boiled water to prevent outbreak of diseases. They have been advised not to pile up garbage in public places to counter mosquito menace.

The district experienced 631 mm of rainfall during the 24 hours ending 8. 30 a.m. on Monday. The amounts of rainfall (in mm) recorded in several places across the district during the period were as follows: Thogamalai 97, Mylampatti 77, Panjapatti 54, Palaviduthi 52, Kadavur 51.2, Anaipalayam and Krishnarayapuram 48 eaach, Mayanur 43, Kulithalai 38, Karur 31, and K. Paramathi 22.


Residents of Pudukottai and its surrounding villages heaved a sigh of relief following a letup in medium to sharp showers over the past four days. Fishermen did not venture into the sea as the Fisheries Department did not issue token to them. For the 24 hours ending 8 a.m. on Monday, the amount of rainfall recorded were as follows: Alankudi 104 mm; Gandarvakottai 95 mm; Mazhaiyur and Udaiyalipatti 80 mm each; Ayinkudi 77 mm; Perunkulam 73 mm; Viralimalai 70 mm; Karaiyur 69 mm; Pudukottai 67 mm; Tirumayam 65.6 mm; Keeranur 64 mm;Aranthangi 62 mm; Keezhanilai 57 mm; Karambakudi 55 mm; Arimalam 54 mm; Nakudi 53 mm; Iluppur 50 mm; Kattumavadi 48 mm; Kudumiyanmalai 40 mm; Ponnamaravathy 35 mm; Annavasal 36.2 mm; Avudaiyarkovil 35 mm; Manalmelkudi 23 mm; Adhanakottai 19 mm and Meemisal 16 mm.