Eleven monkeys were found dead near a mango grove at Natrampalli on Monday. Staff of the Forest Department, Tirupattur, said the monkeys might have died of starvation.

However, no post-mortem was conducted as villagers wanted to bury the monkeys and build a Hanuman temple at that spot.

According to forest officials, 11 monkeys were found dead near the mango grove belonging to Thangaraju and 10 monkeys were still alive. The personnel suspect that the monkeys might have been brought from a neighbouring State.

“Someone might have left them at the grove located near Vellakalnatham at Natrampalli. These monkeys could have been caged and starving for three to four days,” an official said.

The department personnel gave milk, fruits and water to the 10 monkeys which were alive but found to be weak.

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