Amid suspense over who would be the Congress’ next Prime Ministerial candidate, Rahul Gandhi on Thursday dubbed as “irrelevant” and “all smoke” the debate on the issue as he insisted that no individual can fix all the complex problems of the nation.

Mr. Gandhi, who has been reluctant to join the government, described his advent into politics as “an accident of fate” and “DNA” linkage with a particular family.

“I got press guys asking when you are getting married.

Somebody else is saying boss, when you are going to be the Prime Minister. Somebody saying, no, you are not going to be PM, somebody say may be you will be PM. There is good possibility.

“These are irrelevant questions. It’s all smoke,” the 42-year-old Congress vice-president said, adding the only relevant question is how to give voice to one billion people that would solve all problems.

“It is like the American polling charts. 47.3 per cent of possibility that he might be Prime Minister,” he said addressing the Annual General Body meeting of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) here.

Mr. Gandhi told the industry leaders that he is “not a hard-nosed politician” and does not want to become one.

On his being in politics, he said, “It is an accident of fate. I happen to come from a chain of people, it is my DNA. I have been put in this situation and told, boss, you are here.”

He went on to add, “We have to move on in this country from the old idea of a guy and a horse. A guy will be coming on a horse, charging and everything will be fixed. It is not so.”

The Gandhi family scion talked about his “frustration” on “ridiculous” focus on individuals rather the issues related to the system.

“Give all the powers to me, give all the powers to one individual you want, he cannot solve the problems of a billion people. Give the power to the billion people, the problems will be solved...I am irrelevant. I am one out of the billion Indians.

.....If you are expecting that Manmohan Singhji or somebody else to solve everything, you will keep expecting. We have to move. If you want to solve it, empower the one billion people, it will be immediately solved,” Mr. Gandhi said.

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