“I am absolutely shocked and disappointed,” Justice Soumitra Sen said here on Thursday evening when asked to comment on the Rajya Sabha approving an impeachment motion against him earlier in the day.

“I have been victimised and used as a showcase that something has been done with regard to corruption; this is just a ploy,” he told The Hindu a few hours after his arrival from New Delhi.

A former judge of the Calcutta High Court, Justice Sen had argued his defence against a motion of impeachment in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday.

“This is my battle and I will see it to the end. I will not quit irrespective of the outcome,” he said, adding that he could choose to defend himself in the Lok Sabha.

“Thereafter, I can go to the Supreme Court. I had started the battle not for saving my job but to establish that you cannot resort to irregular and predetermined procedure from the beginning and hold me guilty,” Justice Sen said even as he maintained that he had “never misappropriated any money.”