On the second day of what will now be a three-day exercise, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi told office-bearers that he intended to set up a system in the party so that everybody knew what their task was. The principle of accountability needed to be observed and rewards and punishments handed out to tighten the party structure, he said.

Mr. Gandhi’s observation came after several of the younger office bearers said most of them were not assigned specific jobs, and that many of those who did not perform received promotions. He, however, did not respond to the request from some of Friday’s speakers that the AICC reshuffle be undertaken soon to end the uncertainty about which of them would continue in their jobs.

Sources in the party said that while Congress general secretary Janardan Dwivedi urged office bearers not to speak for more than three minutes each, Mr. Gandhi said there was no need to impose a time limit, as everyone should have their say. As a result, not everyone had the opportunity to speak — and there will be a third session now on Monday.

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