The enthusiasm with which four kangaroos brought from an animal park in the Czech Republic had been received at the Alipore Zoological Garden here in June last year has soured with three of the four marsupials dying in less than nine months.

A two-year-old male kangaroo died of symptoms of myopathy on Sunday. It had fallen sick a few days ago and a medical board had been set up for its treatment but the veterinary experts were not able to save it, Forest Minister Hiten Barman told The Hindu.

Mr. Barman denied allegations of negligence by the zoo authorities.

“An expert committee will be set up to see what measures can be taken to ensure the proper care of the remaining kangaroo,” he said.

Mr. Barman said the lone survivor was healthy.

The four kangaroos, two males and two females, were brought from an animal park in the Czech Republic.

Within weeks of being brought here, a male kangaroo died in August last year. Another died in December after contracting a lung infection.

Only a female kangaroo has been able to withstand the rigours of the relocation.

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