BJP President Rajnath Singh has said that there is a strong need in the country for amending the constitution to check large scale religious conversions allegedly being carried out by foreign forces through inducements.

“There is a need to check large scale religious conversion being carried out in the country through inducements by incorporating the provision of embracing any faith before a competent authority,” Singh said addressing the ’Amrit Mahotsav’ of senior BJP leader Kailash Narayan Sarang, here on Saturday.

The country is facing lot of threats from within and outside and foreign forces were indulged in large scale religious conversion in the country with an aim to finish India’s strength of embracing all faiths of the world, he said.

“Because of the strong beliefs in Nationalism and Indianisation of workers like Sarang and others like him, they are unable to succeed in their designs. Therefore there is a need for having a law in the country which should give freedom to people to choose their religion,” Mr. Singh said

Those opposing Ram Sethu or Amarnath Shrine Board land issue were also not successful in their designs because of the nationalist fervour of these leaders, he added.

Citing examples of Jharkhand, Chhatisgarh and North Eastern states, Mr. Singh said that nearly 30 per cent population were converted in those states. He alleged it was done mainly through inducements, thereby threatening the demographic profile of the nation.


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