Foreign companies and multinational corporations will not be allowed to do business in Uttar Pradesh “as long as she is the Chief Minister,” Mayawati has said.

She has also warned that if the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance government fails to immediately withdraw the decision to allow 51 per cent foreign direct investment in multi-brand retail, she will be forced to take some “hard decision.” Her Bahujan Samaj Party would oppose the move in Parliament and on the streets.

Launching a frontal attack on Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi, she said the decision was taken to please the “Congress yuvraj” and enable “his foreign friends” and “foreign companies” to “reap economic benefits” at the cost of crores of small and petty traders, farmers, labourers and small and medium entrepreneurs.”

“With the Vidhan Sabha elections just months ahead, the ‘yuvraj' is campaigning to bring the Congress back to power in Uttar Pradesh with the aim of enabling his ‘foreign friends' and MNCs to set up shop,” she said.