“Our manifesto is for a dynamic India. Our manifesto is people-friendly, industry-friendly and agriculture-friendly," Mamata Banerjee says

With an eye on playing a decisive role in the formation of the next Central government, the Trinamool Congress on Saturday released its first-ever “national manifesto,” promising roti, kapda aur makaan (food, clothing and shelter).

Trinamool chairperson and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee stated that her party would bring in electoral reforms, make India corruption-free and empower the States.

The manifesto focused on areas of national relevance such as foreign policy, foreign trade, taxation and defence issues, including procurement, that the party had not dwelt upon much in the past.

The document emphasised that the “commitment to federalism in our Constitution” had not been carried out in spirit or in practice, and it was now time to “empower the States.”

‘Practical document’

Describing the manifesto as a “practical” document, Ms. Banerjee said “it is people-friendly, industry-friendly and agriculture-friendly.”

Electoral reform is one of the issues Ms. Banerjee has made part of her election plank. “Many countries have State-funded elections. Why can’t India have one?” she asked.

Funding of elections by political parties was leading to rampant corruption.

The Trinamool leader also promised administrative and judicial reforms and spoke of revamping criminal law, which, she said, needed to be contextualised.