As many as 100 stalls that sell garden and vegetable plants, a display of a large collection of bonsai and pavilions of institutions such as the College of Veterinary and Animal science, Pookode, Regional Agriculture Research Station, Ambalavayal and Kerala police are attracting people in large numbers to the 24th ‘Wayanad Flower show 2010’ being held at the Municipal stadium here.

The main attractions of the flower show, organised by the Wayanad district Agri-Horticultural Society, are the Egg Museum and the large bonsai collection.The egg museum of the College of Veterinary and Animal science, Pookode displayed the eggs of ten different birds including the ostrich, emu, swan and turkey. The bonsai trees displayed at the show include many varieties including the banyan tree and mango.

Flowers, including some exotic varieties, are the cynosure of the show as a large number of people visit the kiosks of nurseries from the region and purchase flowering plants.

Variety of flowers

Though the rose is the most popular variety being sold in large numbers at the show, the crowds visiting the stalls also buy other varieties such as dianthus, petunia, daisy, heliconia, birds of paradise, flox, anthurium, begonia, philosendron, hibiscus and bromellads.

Equally attractive are the stalls selling seeds and plants of vegetables and fruits including black berry, litchi, strawberry, mangostin, chiku, and, plantains. As many as six varieties of tissue culture plantain varieties are available in a stall including Kavery, Swarnamukhi and Cavendish.

Police pavilion

The police pavilion organised by the Kerala police Association displayed different articles related to the police force such as different types of caps, bugles and uniforms from the time of the Travancore police to the present age.

Agriculture produce such as a giant yam weighing 95 kg and cassava weighing 40 kg are the other attractions of the show.

The flower show venue also includes stalls selling home appliances and agriculture implements.

Cultural programmes have been organised inside the venue every evening. Classes and competitions are also being held in connection with the event.