Kottayam Municipal chairman Sunny Kalloor has promised that he would take immediate steps to resolve the waste management crisis in the district.

At a press conference here on Wednesday after his election to the top post. Mr. Kalloor said that the waste management issue would be given top priority during his term. “In recent times, the district has seen unchecked waste accumulation. Unscientific practices such as non-segregation of waste have been adopted. The discomfort faced by residents, especially those residing near the Vadavathoor dumping yard has reached alarming proportions. A solution to the issue is needed to prevent the district from turning into a dumpyard,” he said.

“The Municipality will ensure that a solution is found within 100 days. An emergency meeting of the councillors will be called to discuss the issue. A preliminary survey of waste will be conducted in all 52 wards of the district,” he explained.

Mr. Kalloor stressed on the measures that would be taken for tackling the issue. “We intend to set-up bio-gas plants in every ward. Various private associations and voluntary groups will be encouraged to finance the project. The Municipality would give the funding for such plants in places like markets,” he said.

Corruption will not be tolerated, he said.

He listed out the other sectors that would be addressed during the next five years. “Scarcity of pure drinking water has been an area of concern during recent times. The Municipality would submit proposals to the Water Resources Minister in order to introduce a scheme for providing drinking water to all parts of the district,” he said.

“Various traditional sectors will be revived in order to rid the district of the tag of being a consumer district. Dairy and other farms shall be promoted to develop the sector. Proper use of natural resources like fisheries and paddy fields shall be promoted,” he said.

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