Two generators at the Moolamattom power house of the Idukki hydroelectric project were shut down on Tuesday due to technical problems. Repairs will start by Wednesday evening.

The Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) intended to face the 160-MW per day production loss by stepping up generation at the Moozhiyar power house, Pathanamthitta, sources said.

Technical defects were found in generators II and V of the total of six. KSEB sources told The Hindu that the total output was unlikely to be affected as the average production was around 9 mu per day. This could be achieved using the four generators, he said adding that the production per day was decided on the basis of the water level in the reservoir and the total demand.

Power consumption in the State had come down after the recent spell of summer rain. The production level at the Moolamattom power house was above 13 mu during the peak consumption period.

It was earlier thought that the shortage of power from other sources could be met with increased production at Moolamattom as the water level had increased.

Official sources said there was some fault on the valve though which water is pumped to the fifth generator. This could be corrected in five days. In generator II, the defects were noticed a month ago and it needed immediate correction. The work would be completed in two days, they said. KSEB sources said there would not be any power cut or load-shedding as of now.

The water in the Idukki reservoir is mainly used to meet the power demand during summer.

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