The State government has issued orders proposing to strengthen the security arrangements for Governor, the Chief Minister, and Ministers.

The guidelines specify that the departments concerned should collect information on people attending functions to which the Governor, the Chief Minister, and the Ministers are invited. If necessary, the services of the State Special Branch of the police should be sought.

If the function being attended by dignitaries is organised by non-governmental institutions, the secretary to the Governor and the private secretaries to the Chief Minister or Ministers concerned should inform the details to the Special Branch a week ahead of the function and get a report.

A preliminary enquiry should also be conducted by the Special Branch before giving clearance for programmes in connection with the launching of major ventures or presentation of certificates by Ministers.

The guidelines call for restriction on the number of government and private vehicles entering the Secretariat compound. Cameras should be set up to capture their arrival and departure and parking. The Chief Security Officer should ensure that visitors would not be allowed into the Secretariat without written intimation expect during visiting hours. Visitors should not be permitted onto the Cabinet floor during Cabinet meetings. Arrangements should be made for visitors to meet the Chief Minister on specified dates at Durbar Hall.


New system for security vetting in KeralaJune 22, 2013

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