The newly constituted Nelliampathy Development Authority is implementing schemes for Rs.70 lakh in the first phase of the development of the Nelliampathy Orange and Vegetable Farm.

Cultivation of orange, coffee, vegetables and flowers is already on in a small portion of the 1,200-acre farm. The farm will now be developed in a big way by taking up horticulture in the entire area.

A model flori nursery is being set up by the North Eastern Agricultural Marketing Cooperative (NERMAC), a Government of India undertaking, for the promotion of horticulture. Three poly houses and two net houses will be established here and imported flowering plants will be planted on a commercial basis.

Exotic varieties of anthurium, heliconia, gerebra, rose, etc., will be cultivated in the most-modern greenhouses.

A sum of Rs.18 lakh has been sanctioned for establishing a minor fruit crops nursery. Fruits such as apple, kiwi, avocado, litchi, rambutan, grapes and various varieties of lime, orange and strawberry will be cultivated here. Seedlings of fruit plants that are suitable for cultivation in plains will be propagated, says Jose Varghese, Deputy Director (Horticulture), Agriculture Department.

A greenhouse and a selling point will be established by NERAMAC and the entire fund comes from the State Horticulture Mission, he says.

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