Students can shortly start submitting options, online, for the government seats in the 11 private self-financing medical colleges in Kerala which inked a seat-fee pact with the government this year.

As per an understanding arrived between the association of private self-financing medical colleges and the government in Thiruvananthapuram on Thursday morning, the actual admission of students to these seats will take place only after September 13 when the Supreme Court has scheduled the next hearing of the Special Leave Petition filed by the Association against the August 2 verdict of the High Court of Kerala which struck down the entrance examination conducted by the Association for admitting students to the management quota in these colleges.

The Commissioner for Entrance Examinations has been asked to issue a notification on Thursday itself calling for the submission for options for the government seats. The fee for these seas will be Rs. 1.38 lakhs, as has been specified in the seat-fee agreement.

After the admissions, the managements will reimburse students on the basis of the fee structure mentioned in the agreement between the Association and the Government. In case the agreement is not implemented, the managements will be free to collect a uniform fee of up to Rs. 2.60 lakhs for all seats. The agreement contains a clause to this effect.

Of the 1,100 seats in these colleges, the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations will make allotments to 550. Assuming 50 government seats in a private self-financing medical college, 13 seats will be for the socially and educationally backward category and the fee is Rs.45,000. For the seven seats for the BPL and low-income category students, the fee will be Rs.25,000. For five seats reserved for the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes category, the fee will be Rs.1.38 lakh. This fee will be paid by the government.

The seat-fee agreement states that admissions to the management quota will be on the basis of an entrance examination conducted by the Association.