Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) State Secretary T.V. Rajesh has demanded that the State Government set up an enquiry commission to probe complaints on autonomous college managements harassing students.

Addressing a press conference here on Thursday, Mr. Rajesh said complaints on students being harassed on various grounds by the managements were rising by the day while the the number of students

who were “pushed to the verge of suicide because of such harassment” too was on the rise. The commission should conduct its probe within a specified time-frame, he said, urging for immediate action against the managements.

Accusing managements of viewing students as mere milch cows and trying to exploit them in every possible manner, Mr. Rajesh said there were certain managements who had set up secret cameras in hostels and thus denying privacy to their students. This was a severe violation of human rights, he said, adding that students who dared to raise their voice against such atrocities were being would be isolated and not allowed to complete their courses.

Later, the DYFI leader sought a clarification from managements of the three colleges that were visited by AICC General Secretary Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday. He said that these very managements had banned politics on their campuses, but extended a red carpet welcome to Mr. Gandhi, though he was not a representative of any university or the University Grants Commission. The managements owed an explanation for this act of irony, he said, adding that the Congress and Mr. Gandhi were trying to mislead the public of Kerala on the ASEAN Free Trade Agreement issue.

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