Rehabilitation programmes for Gulf returnees will be finalised by July, said Minister for Non-Resident Keralites’ Affairs K.C. Joseph here on Monday.

Distributing financial assistance of the Non-Resident Keralites’ Welfare Fund Board, the Minister said the Cabinet meeting in the first week of July would finalise the package.

Board chairman P.M.A. Salim, who presided, said the assistance was being provided to the families133 Malayalis who had died in Gulf countries. Besides, medical assistance totalling Rs.50 lakh was being provided to 47 persons.

Mr. Salim said in an official release that the board, which met on Monday, had reviewed the proposals on rehabilitation submitted by various agencies. Accepted ones would be submitted to the government. It had also approved proposals for financial assistance to 14 persons.

He said that many Malayalis in Kuwait were facing a serious situation. The Indian embassy in Kuwait had not been able to intervene effectively against their deportation so far. Action similar to that taken in respect of the Nitaqat law in Saudi Arabia needed to be taken by the Indian government and embassy.