Leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Abdul Nasir Maudany, his wife Soofiya and Mr. Maudany’s secretary Sabeer have been directed to appear before the Bangalore City Police on February 19.

Notices in this connection were served directly to them by a team from the Bangalore City Police late on Monday night.

The team from the Bangalore City Police comprised three officers. They arrived at the district police office here on Monday evening and sought the cooperation of Kollam police to serve the notices. For security reasons, the notice could not be served immediately since Mr. Maudany was leading the Rashtra Suraksha Sandesha Yarta of his party at that time and was due to address a public meeting at Chinnakada here.

In the night Mr. Maudany camped at the house of the PDP Kollam district president Mylakkad Shah. Later in the night a team from the Kollam police led by the Special Branch DySP, C.G. Suresh Kumar accompanied the Bangalore police officers to Mr. Shah’s house for serving the notices.

The team reached Mr. Shah’s house at 11 p.m. The notices were served under Section 91 of the Criminal Procedure Code directing the three to appear before the Bangalore police for being questioned in connection with an on going investigation. Mr. Maudany and his wife and Mr. Sabeer signed and accepted the notices.

While the notices did not mention any specific case under which the three have been summoned, police sources here said that the three have been summoned in connection with the July 2008 serial bomb blasts in Bangalore.