ACC Ltd. launched 'Coastal+', a premium eco-friendly cement brand at a function held here on Thursday. Coastal+ was a technologically advanced cement offering superior protection against coastal climate, Ramit Budhraja, chief executive, south-west, ACC Ltd., said at a press conference after the launch. He said 'Coastal+' was being released in the State since Kerala had been a major market for ACC.

He said the brand was specially suited to coastal climate which was very harsh and damaging to concrete structures. Chlorides and sulphates in sea breeze and ground water relentlessly attacked concrete structures, weakening them and reducing overall life. “Concrete made from Coastal+ was more cohesive and thereby the concrete structures have low permeability compared to structures made with ordinary cement. Lower permeability results in higher protection from chloride and sulphate attacks, making the structures more durable,” Mr. Budhraja said.

This cement is ideal for usage in foundations, roofing and all other sections exposed to external environment, he added.

With Coastal+, ACC also offered value-added services like guidance on good construction practices, testing of ingredients on site, site visits at different stages of construction, basic proportion design for concrete and testing performance of concrete structure. The company would also offer durability tests like RCPT (Rapid Chloride Penetration Test) and UPVT (Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test).

The company had a country-wide network of 17 ACC help centres, a 24x7 website and as many as 120 ACC help vans, all under the umbrella of ACC Help.