J.K. English Medium School and D.K. Public School students learn the tabla

Any one entering the campus of J.K. English Medium School and D.K. Public School may pause, wondering where the sounds of the tabla are coming from. Closer inspection will reveal that the students are practising, but it is not for any cultural event. In fact, J.K. English Medium School and D.K. Public School is the only school in the country where learning the tabla is mandatory.

School chairman Jagadish Kalyanshettar said, “Learning the tabla is compulsory for all students here. Tabla classes are held as part of extracurricular activities and the students will get credit for it.”

He said that people in touch with music were relatively calmer and stable. Besides, he added, it was noted that tabla classes worked as an ideal stress-buster. Tabla teacher Manu Kumar Hiremath told The Hindu that all students from classes 1 to 10 had to learn the tabla without fail. He said that classes were held every day in different batches, with each batch getting a chance once a week. Though students were compelled to attend the classes, it was noticed that they gradually developed an interest and did not try to skip the classes.

The students agreed with Mr. Hiremath. Disha S. Mahajan, a class 7 student, said that she had no interest in the beginning. But now she enjoyed the classes a lot. She said that playing the tabla helped her deal with the stress of studying in addition to helping her develop concentration.

Masiha Naaz M. Khan, Shruthi Deshpande and Krupa A. Jain also felt that tabla classes helped them do better in the examinations as it helped them de-stress.

Sativk Shetty and Vijay Bakale said that learning the tabla was thrilling and helped in many ways. Mr. Hiremath said that music was not only a means of entertainment but also of enlightenment. It silently moulds the personality and attitude of teenagers and helps them perform better in academics too.

Parents too had conceded that learning the tabla helped the children channelise their energy in the right way.

As many as 25 children would appear for the music examinations conducted by Akhil Bharat Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, a Central Government institute this year, he said.

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