In view of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s rally at the Palace Grounds here on Sunday, the City police have started setting up security measures. They have already deployed about 200 police personnel at the grounds.

The number of police personnel is expected to go up to nearly 7,000 on Sunday. Police officials said anyone entering the ground would be checked and asked to produce identity proof.

Even those working at the grounds have not been spared as police officials said the workers too have been asked to carry photo ID cards, which were issued to them after gathering their background details and even carrying out checks in their hometowns.

Metal detectors have been set up at each entrance to the grounds and one inspector has been posted at every barricade under the supervision of DCPs of various divisions.


At least 60 infra red cameras will be installed at the grounds, a few of which have already been set up. A senior official said these cameras ensure high-quality vision over vast distances.

The grounds have been levelled to ensure that there is no scope for planting landmines or other explosives. A helipad has been set up near the stage for Mr. Modi’s arrival.

While seating arrangements are already in progress, officials said no one would be allowed within 60 ft of the main stage.

No vehicles allowed

Police said vehicles would not be allowed to enter the grounds on Sunday and anyone coming for the rally would have to walk there. Even party workers have been advised to come in buses as private vehicles will not be permitted. Security measures are also being implemented at entry points to the city.

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